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  • The Architect Who Produces One Million Words A Day

    March 18, 2016

    One picture equals 6,000 words (actually I might just need to stop writing here as we’ve already had enough ;)) A nice picture brings esthetic pleasure and even a crack to escape from the mundane into an imaginary wonderland. So do good designs we see every day... be it the Sydney Opera House, the Asticou Azalea Gardena, a picture in Louvre, or something closer to our daily lives: a handbag, an iPhone, or a clean, user-friendly App. Doubt how big... View Article

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    Hardware, Software, She Does It ALL: Behind the Screen, who are we?

    February 4, 2016

    When you were supporting us on Kickstarter, when you were browsing our newsletter and blog updates, when you were asking questions in our forum, have you ever wondered  “Who is behind the screen designing, producing, and writing to me?” You are not talking to an AI robot of course, nor are you speaking with the next Einstein or Edison (well, maybe not). You are talking to a group of people who are not that different from the friends around you—people... View Article

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