nexpaq Brings Modular Tech to MIT University

March 28, 2017

As part of the student led MakeMIT 2017 hackathon, nexpaq launched it’s beta products at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. Nexpaq distributed over a 100 phonepaqs and batpaqs with a selection of modules to the student population, kickstarter backers around the world, and others who registered for the beta.

The beta is all about real user testing, with the aim for nexpaq to refine its’ products from positive and negative feedback from the community.

The beta launch enable our testers to get their units, and really get involved. Nexpaq staff attended. to crowd, registering users to the program, doing live demos and ultimately answering the flurry of questions from the audience all keen to learn more about nexpaq and its products.

As part of the beta launch, Jason and Ahmed covered the progression of steps from beta to a market release, and how nexpaq will engage its beta testers to add to their nexpaq experience, bring them into the design cycle of the products, and engage their engineering and business ideas on how nexpaq can expand its reach.

The launch program culminated in nexpaq’s participation in the MakeMIT hackathon, an extensive 19 hour event where  where hundreds of developers showed up to hack on different types of developer kits including nexpaq, Microsoft, nvidia and  oracle. A plethora of hardware materials was available from Arduino boards and raspberry pi’s to laser cutters and 3d printers. Participants were only limited by time and their imagination-although it helped if they were able to create a working prototype.

Participants used nexpaq modules to create a plethora of interesting applications including a cooking machine, a device to monitor head injuries, a colour mixing machine, and a nerf tank (a wooden tank shooting nerf darts) The winner was  Team Sphynx, with a posture monitoring device to assist cyclists to ride more efficiently on different terrain. It’s a device that has good commercial value.

A big thanks all our participants, to the organisations of MakeMIT and to MIT for letting us use their campus facilities. It was a fantastic event, and we look forward to more hackathons and events at MIT in the future

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