New Module Development Alert: The Remote Control Module By Radcon

March 10, 2017 By Cate Lawrence Lawrence is  a leading hardware design firm specializing in connected technology (IoT). Based in the world’s hardware hub, Shenzhen, they provide a full suite of services that transform concepts into real-world products.  They bridge the gap between electronic design and functionality, with services ranging from digital/analog circuit and multi-layer PCB design, to IoT and wearable design. They also provide engineering and manufacturing support with projects optimized from the start to protect against setbacks through product evaluation and verification and certification management.


Seat in front of your home entertainment and see how many remote controls you have to locate, let alone determine which controls what device. It’s a hassle, especially for occasional users (like those in an office boardroom) or occasional guests. By comparison a modular remote control would be enable the use to control home devices and appliances including the TV, receiver, air condition and DVD player without having to juggling multiple. The user’s specific electronic devices can be selected from a library of more than 3000 different devices to operate from a single remote.

As you have already guessed, nexpaq is happy to announce that Radcon is developing an IR module designed to be used as Universal Remote Control for home.

More information and picture to come very soon.




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