Mini Series Part 3: The Alcohol Module

February 6, 2017

In an era of biotechnology, more and more people are using sensor technology as a means to understand their physiology. From wearable gadgets to sleep trackers, we are delving into the notion of the quantified self, with the view to understand our functional self and how to best improve our physical and mental health. The alcohol sensor module is an important tool to understand the impact of alcohol on the body.


It’s worth stating, the device shouldn’t be utilised to determine whether or not to drive a car after a few drinks. You shouldn’t drive at all if you’ve been drinking. But it can help you understand how your body responds to alcohol, particularly if it is used with a mood diary and sleep app.

What is the core technology behind the nexpaq alcohol module :

When it came to choosing the sensor for breathalyzer we turned to Figaro. Figaro is a Japanese manufacturer who also supplies our sensor for Air Quality module. We decided to use their TGS2600. It’s usually used as an Air Quality sensor and is also sensitive to Ethanol, making it a useful alcohol sensor.


Full spec here

Functionalities of the alcohol module:

After clicking on the module tile (cocktail glass), the sensor will heat for about 60 seconds, enabling you to proceed with the test by blowing air on the module.


At present, the functionalities are only basic and require refinement prior to professional use as it does not display accurate results.

Ultimately, we want to create a module with the highest degree of accuracy in determining the presence of alcohol. This could give birth to many new cool apps. Imagine a map displaying an alcohol hot spots in your cities, or an app that would automatically order you an Uber if alcohol is detected on your breath..

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