April 1, 2016

If there is any eternal truth about this world, CHANGE may be just that. The whole world is dynamic, resembling an everlasting, melodious song that consists of high pitch, low pitch, and something in the middle. Songs without “changes” are no longer songs but rather just noises. This applies to many aspects of our lives, and is ever so present in the life of a startup. Once a project goes beyond mere sketches on paper, we depart on a roller-coaster that doesn’t stop.

March has been a month filled with changes for us: We have our CFO in place, an experienced Technology Manager joining the team, some changes to our logo and product branding, and last but not least, we moved into an awesome new office! Before you fully digest these news and raise questions of why and how, let me extend a little bit to be specific.

New Home

Where we take giraffe selfies and move around on skateboards

Since we have more passengers on the roller coaster now, we had to say goodbye to our previous place and find a new home. How cool is the new place? Have a look:

Say hi to Weyoung Maker Space!

How would you like a cup of coffee?

Can you find the "hiding" giraffe?

We are having a good time with Kobe (Kobe: What?)

Logo change and product branding

As many may have noticed, we changed our logo a bit to reflect our personality:

And here comes the mothership:

You are not going to get your nexpaq… because you are going to get your phonepaq!

Recently we made the decision to change the name of our ‘nexpaq’ modular smartphone case to ‘phonepaq’.  We did this for a few reasons. First and foremost, nexpaq is an IoT company… our devices and modules form an ecosystem for each user, and even between users. While we are very proud coming forth with the first modular smartphone case (formerly known as ‘nexpaq’) it’s one piece of the entire nexpaq ecosystem. The fact that it allows users to enhance their current smartphone is a great benefit, but the ‘phonepaq’ needed it’s own identity. This also let’s us set the foundation for the branding of new devices we have planned for the nexpaq family down the line. So, from henceforth when you see us refer to ‘phonepaq’, fret not… your smartphone case will still be yours, only with a new identity.

Have you met our CFO: Ahmed Salem?

While we mentioned that Ahmed would be stepping up as our CFO in a previous post, we wanted to give you a proper introduction to our guy. Originally a major player in our Series A round of investment, Ahmed brings a load of value as an active team member with his decorated past:

With a MBA from Manchester Business School background, Ahmed Salem has 15+ years of experience in managing complex projects and programs with Telecom operators (Orascom), Technology (Oracle), Business Consulting (Deloitte), and government (UAE). His expert lies in electronics, IT, finance, and supply chain functions and he is experienced in giving strategic advice to senior management on enterprise applications and finance solutions. As CFO, Ahmed is going to help us tidy up our finances as our startup grows, with an emphasis on corporate governance and reporting. Additionally, as we seek new investment, Ahmed will help us set our growth sails accordingly.

Ahmed also plays a large role in the market analysis of Dubai and the UAE, where he is currently based out of. 

The New Technology Manager: Gregory Doble

Like a fricken’ reference book (said in the coolest way possible), Greg has valuable insight for nearly everything when people approach him seeking his take. Greg is an expert in the use of PFMEA, DFx, Value Stream Mapping, TQM & TPM (if you don’t know what these mean, don’t feel alone. Just ask Google or Greg in forum) and served many customers both domestically and internationally, among which many are world famous brands, Dolby, Bose, SONOS to name but a few.

Greg brings substantial experience in design for mass manufacturing of products with global distribution to the table. He will make sure that our products are top quality and fit for you to use. Greg has already has an impact on our in-house engineering culture, where we aim to be as agile as a startup with a deep, professional engineering process.

So, please welcome Ahmed and Greg, either independently now at your computer or hovering over your mobile or send them a shout in the comments. We just want to share with you what a diverse and experienced team we are becoming 🙂 In a startup at its early phase, everyone has to put his or her fingers in multiple pies. It’s great if some of those fingers have… been in pies for a long time before…and the other fingers can learn... ahh you get the point!

Hello, Gregpedia

Change happens at blink of an eye. Good change is progress… and we are happy to share it with all of you, our dear fans, followers, and future users and developers. We promise to spare no effort in bringing your phonepaq’s, batpaq’s, and modules this summer!

And if you want an even closer bond with us, friend us on Snapchat (Snapcode below) and you’ll feel like you’re with us. But only during the times where we have something cool, interesting, or funny to show… not like when we are in deep focus mode getting stuff done. That’s no fun to watch 😉

See you inside =)

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  • Anonymous

    Great to see the new offices and changing the name (not as cool) , but when will our products ship?