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  • Why modular design makes easy work of outdoor adventures

    April 20, 2017 By Cate Lawrence

     It stands to reason that people involved in outdoor pursuits such as camping and hiking want their equipment to be versatile and multifunctional. Most outdoor equipment needs to be compact and easily transportable. Items that serve more than one purpose are preferable to single use items in terms of portability and sustainability. Outdoor wear has long adopted this ethos with items such as modular gloves and trousers popular to wear. Advances in design (including the materials goods are made from)... View Article

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    Why Modular Designs are Gaining Ground Into our Life

    February 1, 2017 By Cate Lawrence

    Modular design relies on a backbone of standardization. There must be a core or central design premise of structure that can be replicated across each design. This is joined by accompanying modules or units that can be customized according the purpose, price, location etc. There’s the scope for many items to be made modular as it offers numerous benefits. We’ve been considering our products in the bigger modular ecosphere which has given us cause to consider the benefits of modularity... View Article

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    The Architect Who Produces One Million Words A Day

    March 18, 2016

    One picture equals 6,000 words (actually I might just need to stop writing here as we’ve already had enough ;)) A nice picture brings esthetic pleasure and even a crack to escape from the mundane into an imaginary wonderland. So do good designs we see every day... be it the Sydney Opera House, the Asticou Azalea Gardena, a picture in Louvre, or something closer to our daily lives: a handbag, an iPhone, or a clean, user-friendly App. Doubt how big... View Article

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    5 Crowdfunding Campaigns we would like to see as nexpaq modules

    February 17, 2016

    As you might know, here at nexpaq, we are all about modularity, while leveraging existing technologies to bring you the best of the Internet of Things, wherever you go, and right at your finger tips. With a gazillion of new ideas reaching us daily (#PYDM), we recently reflected on the best crowdfunding campaigns. What would be the top 5 hardware campaigns, that would make an awesome module. Most of them being complete standalone products, we believe while piggy backing the... View Article

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    Week 4 September 2015: Join our Beta Forum

    September 26, 2015

    Hello Everyone, Last week, we mentioned that we were inviting nexpaq developers into our beta forum. We’d like to give them some idea-hungry users to feed off of as well, so we are extending invitations to join the beta forum this week to you guys. What do you need to do? Just give us a little bit of information about yourself and what you would like to see in the nexpaq community by filling in a few boxes on this... View Article

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    Introducing the nexpaq Developer’s Kit

    August 18, 2015

    Hi everyone, Carlota from nexpaq here. Over the last few months, I’ve worked on collecting important information about the electronic, mechanic, firmware, app and cloud from our R&D team. The developer documentation is based on said information and we have bundled it with the nexpaq Developer's Kit to make your life as developer as easy as possible 🙂 What is the nDK? nDK stand for nexpaq Developer’s Kit. Any company, developer, student, maker, or hobbyist can now develop their own... View Article

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    nexpaq CIO Jason Ko speaks at Sensilab Forum

    July 24, 2015

    According to their website, Sensilab is: We are sensiLab, a new concept in research led by the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University. We bring together researchers from many disciplines to tackle the most challenging problems of the internet age. We use our expertise in visualisation, interaction design and digital fabrication to develop new technologies, situations, devices and experiences. Well, our very own Jason Ko did some tackling of his own at the latest Sensilab forum. Here's a brief abstract... View Article

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    Unleashing the Power of IoT: Go Modular, Go Integrated

    July 20, 2015

    by Gary M. Our increasingly connected planet is undergoing perhaps the most poignant transformation in 10,000 years of civilization thanks to the nascent era of the Internet of Things (IoT) – an unstoppable force that will change every aspect of life. Technology researchers Gartner estimate that this year will see 4.9 billion physical items connected, which is predicted to rise to a staggering 25-100 billion by 2020. So, who are the early adopters connecting people and things and things and... View Article

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    A Huge Thank You!

    May 30, 2015

    We want to say a huge thank you to each and every backer that has helped to make nexpaq a reality. When we started this campaign 30 days ago, we couldn’t have dreamt of a better reaction from you guys. Not only did we hit our funding goal in under two days, but thanks to you, we have now raised $279,758 - over five times our original goal! Keep your ideas coming Although the campaign is now over, it is... View Article

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